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Customer Resources


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Tariffs & Fuel Surcharges Tariffs

4000    Grain

5000    Lumber

6004    Demurrage

7000    Supplemental charges

9300    Propane rail to truck transfer

Fuel Surcharges

Vermont Rail System fuel surcharges are issued and made effective solely for the purpose of offsetting fuel increase costs. Our fuel surcharges only apply to VRS issued quotes and rate publications. Fuel surcharges apply for the month of the effective date of the waybill.

To calculate your fuel surcharge based on @ 9020-B take the total mileage of your shipment, multiply by the highlighted per mile rate, and add the highlighted flat rate.

To calculate your surcharge based on # 9019-F take the freight rate you’ve been quoted and multiply by the percentage highlighted.

9020-C Download                            9019-F Download

VTR 9020-CVTR 9019-F
JAN 2022$25$0.4431.24%
FEB 2022$25$0.4229.88%
MAR 2022$25$0.4431.24%
APR 2022$25$0.5136.00%
MAY 2022$25$0.7854.36%
JUN 2022$25$0.7955.04%
JUL 2022$25$0.9062.52%
AUG 2022$25$0.9465.24%
SEP 2022$25$0.8861.16%
OCT 2022$25$0.7653.00%
NOV 2022$25$0.7552.32%
DEC 2022$25$0.8156.40%
Previous Year
JAN 2021$25$0.118.80%
FEB 2021$25$0.1511.52%
MAR 2021$25$0.1813.56%
APR 2021$25$0.2216.28%
MAY 2021$25$0.2921.04%
JUN 2021$25$0.2921.04%
JUL 2021$25$0.3122.40%
AUG 2021$25$0.3323.76%
SEP 2021$25$0.3424.44%
OCT 2021$25$0.3424.44%
NOV 2021$25$0.3525.12%
DEC 2021$25$0.4129.20%

Credit Application

If you are looking to become a VRS Customer, please fill out a Credit Application and submit using the form submission box below.

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Bill Of Lading

To submit a new Bill of Lading for review, please download our Blank Bill of Lading form and send to our team using the form submission box

VRS Blank Bill of Lading

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