The Vermont Rail System provides freight rail service to Vermont, New Hampshire, and Upstate New York through its six subdivisions: Vermont Railway, Green Mountain Railroad, Clarendon & Pittsford Railroad, Washington County Railroad, New York & Ogdensburg Railway, and New England Southern Railway. Most Vermont Rail System lines are served at least 5 days/week, with extra service provided as necessary to meet our customers’ needs. Customers can ship or receive cars from either their own private siding connected to one of our lines or through one of our VRS Connect locations for transloading or public delivery throughout our system. On all VRS routes, customers can expect prompt handling of both inbound and outbound loads. Typical transit time over VRS from the time a car is received to the time it is placed in interchange or at its destination is two days.

Freight Rail Capabilities

  • 286,000# load limit Whitehall to Burlington, 263,000# all other lines
  • Ability to ship OD (over-dimension) loads
  • Online tracking available
  • Can move single carloads or unit trains
  • Local customer service agents
  • Daily interchanges with connecting railroads

Connecting Railroads

VRS plays a critical link for international and interregional trade by connecting other railroads in Canada and Northern New England with those in Southern New England and the Eastern United States. We maintain excellent relations with our interchange partners so our customers can effectively utilize a variety of rates and routes that best suit their individual needs. Interchange partners & locations include:

New England Central Railroad (NECR)

Burlington, VT 

Bellows Falls, VT

Montpelier Junction, VT

White River Junction, VT

Pan Am Southern (PAS)

Hoosick Junction, NY

Bellows Falls, VT

White River Junction, VT

Norfolk Southern (NS)

Hoosick Junction, NY

Canadian Pacific Kansas City (CPRS)

Whitehall, NY

Newport, VT


Palmer, MA

Norwood, NY

Hoosick Jct., NY

VRS Connect

VRS’s shipping operations reach beyond the rails with VRS-Connect, an affiliation of transloading, warehousing, and distribution facilities located strategically across the system. Visit our VRS-Connect page for more information.

Common Commodities

Minerals from Vermont such as talc, various limestones, granite, slate, and marble travel in large volumes by rail to points all over North America. VRS brings in heating and transportation fuels as well as significant quantities of feed ingredients used in the dairy industry. New England states and Northeastern municipalities rely on VRS to receive road salt and winter sand. VRS directly serves 62 customer locations with dozens of others served via transload.

  • Forest and Building
  • Government
  • Energy
  • Metals
  • Agriculture
  • Chemicals
  • Minerals from Vermont (talc, granite, slate, marble, limestone)

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