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Our interactive map makes it easy to explore our rail system. View our system as a whole, or break it down by subdivision to find the information you need to ship VRS. Access station locations, VRS Connect options, interchange locations, car repair services, and more.


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Over 400 miles of track that is a mixture of 263,000# and 286,000# capable. On all VRS routes customers can expect prompt handling of both inbound and outbound loads. Typical travel time over VRS from interchange to siding can be as little as two days.

VRS Connect

Your company doesn’t have a private siding or track? You can ship by rail, and we can help. With VRS Connect, shippers are able to enjoy the cost advantages of long-distance rail coupled with the speed and reliability of over-the-road distribution.


Complete freight car repair and inspection services  from our North Walpole, NH M-1002/M-1003 certified car shop facility (VRNN).


The Vermont Rail System is dedicated to providing safe transportation. Keeping our employees, customers, and community safe is very important to us.


At VRS, our Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York Communities are so important to us. Our freight services have contributed to our communities for 60 years with over 90% of traffic serving local businesses.

Champlain Valley Dinner Train

Rediscover the romance of the rails on board a relaxing three-hour round-trip dinner train from Burlington to Middlebury. Enjoy a three-course gourmet dinner created on board our kitchen car while the beautiful Vermont landscape rolls by your window. Reconnect with friends and family and make memories to cherish forever!

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